Cosplay Commissions

STEP 1: Use Your Imagination

STEP 3: Photos

STEP 5: Completion

Think of how you want your portrait portrayed in any environment you want and any character you want. 
Mainly all that is needed for a portrait is different angles of a head shot which you can just snap away on your phone.  If it’s a gift and you want to be sneaky about it, just provide multiple shots you have saved, like from their Facebook. 
Updates will be sent along the way to ensure the piece is heading in the right direction.  Once completed, a photo will follow.  

STEP 2: Let’s Chat

STEP 4: Character Visuals

STEP: 6 Payment

It can be uncomfortable to talk to a stranger or feel like you are not sure what you want.  It’s ok! We can chat on the phone or email and we will have fun doing it.  We are going to have fun with this together and make a dream a reality. 
Here you can either provide a reference or if you feel this overwhelming, just tell me the character you want portrayed and allow me to provide a few ideas.  
once approved and satisfied with the work, simply make the payment to my email PayPal account.