Matthew Hirons resides in Indianapolis, IN.  Born in Muncie, IN and lived a majority of his early years in Bradenton, FL.  

Matthew has been drawing since he can remember picking up a crayon.  STAR WARS was to thank.  He grew up with a family that loved movies, thus his passion and respect for film began.  Though he never pursued the film industry, Matthew took his love for flicks and translated the emotions he took from them and put it on paper. 

The portfolio of Saintworksart is diverse.  

"I don't want to be tied down to just one style, because the emotions of the idea, may not read the same way with the style." - Matthew

His education in art is limited, but his passion is infinite. This allows him to strive for improvement while studying his favorite artist.  His biggest inspiration being, Drew Struzan. Through determination, repation and endless hours of sketching, Matthew used his life and experiences to develop his own unique style.

​with artist, Drew Struzan
Aside from painting movies, he occasionally finds his inspiration through music and sets out to deliver an image that conveys the melody. 

Matthew's professional career allows him to travel the world painting Murals, such as Turkey,Poland and New Zealand.  During breaks, he maps out famous movie and historical locations (nerd.) 

On his off time he he is either coming up with another idea for a Comic Convention, watching classic films, and spending quality time with his family. 
​visiting The Shire in New Zealand